VoIP comes from the English Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means “voice over Internet protocol”. VoIP is basically a method by which taking analog audio signals of the kind you hear when you talk by phone transforms them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet to a specific IP address.

Why use VoIP?

VoIP allows the union of two historically separate worlds of voice transmission and data transmission. So VoIP is not a service but a technology. VoIP can turn a standard internet connection into a platform for making free Internet calls. Using some of the free VoIP software that are available online are salteándonos traditional phone companies calls, and therefore their rates.

In the past, conversations by VoIP used to be of poor quality, this was overcome by current technology and the proliferation of broadband connections, so much came the expansion of IP telephony that there is a possibility that you unknowingly and you have used a VoIP service, for example, operators of conventional telephony, VoIP services used to transmit long distance calls and thus reduce costs.

They know it will take some time but it is certain that in the near future disappear completely Linas conventional phone we use in our daily lives, technological progress indicates that these will most likely be replaced by IP telephony.

How VoIP works? How IP Telephony work?

To understand how VoIP works first must be understood as conventional phone lines work, so read the next section that addresses this issue.