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callshop is a place where customers can make international calls at much lower rates compared to local telephone companies. It is a perfect solution for resorts and spas, camps, travel agencies, Internet cafes, call centers, hotels etc.

Hotels, is a service that would work very well in hotel rooms, would be much cheaper and cheaper for customers, because hotels now charge a lot per minute, this service would lower the cost per minute long.



Tutimovil provides a complete and easy service to handle all teach, edit and create your own rates for booths. Our Platform Callshop is responsible for all billing and billing of its customers. As the owner of a phone booth, only need Internet, Linsky, telephones or mobile phones or ip, that would work with the application to their cabins. where customers would call.

We take care of everything else. With our solution no other equipment are needed.


It is ideal for Internet cafes or other businesses that want to have as telephone services. To open a callshop not require investments.

A local in tourist area, or where there is movement step, a connection to broadband Internet, a computer management program for control platform …

The devices can be ip, linksys, phones if you do not have in your area that can use multiple mobile phones for each cabin. We teach you everything you do not have to doubt anything.



For a callshop work need to have several alternative, as sales of mobile accessories, sim cards companies you your country, accessories operator of your country, learn to solve small problems phones customers, sales of electronic accessories, such as cables audios, usb, chargers, etc.

You can get additional benefits and expand their services at the same time.


online configuration

Tutimovil provides complete packages with all-time function call, hardware devices, and a billing system to offer free online calls to the store or Internet cafe business.

How to use

You only need to have broadband internet, a computer to manage all calls and your customers need devices which make calls, as an IP phone, linksys or any device you have for your store. It is easy to use and carry

Total savings

Call in call centers is that there may be cheaper around the world, customers do not pay fees local calls only pay for the minutes you talk. With new technologies, mobile people have become more comfortable doing the factories rich mobile and operators, but still call in a call center is what cheaper.

You want to try our services callshop

Sallshop Service

Our service callshop "Tutimovil" Callshop provides a complete solution for use in countries where the Internet bandwidth is available and where VoIP can help greatly reduce the international calling charges.
call centers can use the services of competitive Tutimovil termination.

Management and control rate of a callshopcallshopfotos

  • View purchase rates
  • Set tariffs for sale (select from various currencies)
  • Change billing increments
  • View and customize exchange rates

Callshop cabin management

  • Manage up to 10 cabins call more
  • View the status of the call in each cabin
  • Billed each call
  • More than 10 booth calling simultaneously
  • Print the receipt of a call
  • Bills
    Callshop can generate bills for each cabin.

The administrator can view reports calls daily, monthly and yearly. Information cost of buying and selling. what to say when you’ve won a day, call details with cost and sales all reports of all calls, if you lose money you state that you’re losing money. etc on calls to all destinations over a period of time, reports show total revenue and details of cost / benefit for the business. All reports can be exported to Excel and saved for future reference.

  • Device
    The device is using the phone to call your customers inside cabin can be:


  1. ip phone
  2. Linksys, with this you can connect two phone at a time
  3. Mobile android or iphone: downloading the application (byvoz dialer) or zoiper
  4. Marker from your computer booths. etc
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